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Prof. Charles Loridans


Dracula’s (Vlad Tepes) Human Years

Text provided by Prof. Matthew Baugh, with notes provided by Prof. Dennis Power.




  Dracula’s older brother Prince Mircea is born



  Dracula’s father Vlad is inducted into the Order of the Dragon which is a Catholic order of knights. To acknowledge this honor, his supporters begin to refer to him as Vlad the Dragon or Vlad Dracul.

 Later that year Vlad Dracula (Son of the Dragon) is born.

    New information, brought to my attention by Prof. Power, shows that Vlad’s mother was a gypsy woman, and not Princess Cneajna. Vlad’s real mother not only had Gypsy blood, but was also a witch. She was burned to death for revealing to Vlad that she was indeed his true mother.



  Dracula’s younger brother Radu the Handsome is born



  Vlad Dracula becomes Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia



  A gypsy girl visits young Vlad in his dreams and tells him that she will one day become his bride.



  Vlad Dracul and his sons Radu and Vlad Dracula visit Gallipoli to pay tribute to the Ottoman Sultan Murad. The Sultan seizes them. Prince Mircea rules Wallachia in his father’s absence.



  Dracul is released but his sons remain hostages.



  Dracul participates in an anti-Turkish crusade alongside the Hungarian, John Hunyadi. Against expectations the Sultan allows Dracula and Radu to live.



  Radu succumbs to the Sultan’s heir Muhmed and becomes his minion and lover.

    November   Hunyadi forms an alliance with Vladislav II, a member of the Danesti clan who are Draculs enemies. Mircea is tortured and buried alive and Vlad is killed attempting to escape his capital city.



  Murad releases Dracula and gives him the support he needs to rule Wallachia as the Sultans minion.

  Dracula rules for two months but is forced to flee the country when Hunyadi regains the advantage.



   Dracula spends several years living in Moldavia.



  Sultan Murad dies and is succeeded by the much more militant Muhmed.



  Mehmed’s forces sack Constantinople bringing the Byzantine Empire to an end.



    Fearing the Sultan will invade Hungary next, Hunyadi allows Dracula to come out of exile as his vassal. Dracula’s knowledge of the Turks proves invaluable but Hunyadi dies of illness during the campaign.

   Dracula avenges himself on Vladislav II (now an ally of the Turks.) By August 22 Dracula is again Prince of Wallachia.



  Dracula seized all the nobles who collaborated in the death of his father and brother. The strong he presses into brutal forced labor in building the walls of Castle Dracula, the infirm he has impaled This is Dracula’s favorite form of execution and it earns him the name Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler).
New information from Prof. Power reveals that when Vlad took over Wallachia, he heard tales that his father and brother had been cursed by gypsies to wander the world as the undead. He believed the story when Vlad Dracul returned to drink his son’s blood. Vlad was rescued by the young Gypsy woman of his dreams.    According to this report, witches have power to control vampires or just certain types of vampires. She summons a Strigoi, a demon or gargoyle that carried Vlad Dracul, Mircea and Mircea’s wife to Scholomance. Tzigane, the young gypsy woman became Vlad’s lover and his teacher in occult matters. She told him that Witches worship the Devil, who is not evil but is rather the savior of mankind, it is the so called False God that will lead mankind to ruination. This must be the event where Vlad is introduced to Rasalom.

  Rasalom is Satan or at least is whom Vlad refers to as Satan. Rasalom is merely one of the many beings who pretended to be the Devil using their occult powers to attract deluded worshippers. While still pretending to be the Devil, Rasalom would also pretend to be one of Vlad’s vassals.

    Vlad Dracula means son of the Dragon; it also means Son of the Devil. Vlad is prophesied to be Satan’s King on Earth meaning Rasalom’s chief agent in Earthly matters.



  Dracula consolidates his power by wholesale executions of nobles, towns or villages suspected of disloyalty.



  In his best known retributive action Dracula sets up a table near the base of Timpu Hill and dines as he watches thousands of people impaled or otherwise tortured to death. He is said to have dipped his bread in the blood of his victims, believing it would give him vitality.



  Dracula responds to Pope Pius II’s call for a crusade. He also overcomes another rival for power named Dan III and personally beheads him.


  Dracula wins an impressive string of victories over the Turks.



  Sultan Mehmed and Radu the Handsome invade Wallachia with an army three times the size of Dracula’s.

  Dracula fights a defensive war using scorched earth and guerrilla tactics.   On June 17, he leads a daring raid that almost succeeds in killing the Sultan. When Mehmed’s army gives chase they run into a psychological warfare surprise. Dracula has set up a veritable forest of stakes on which he has impaled 20,000 prisoners. The Sultan eventually withdraws, having failed to capture Wallachia.    However Prince Radu incited the people and nobles to rebel against Dracula.

  They do and he is forced to flee to Hungary, where he is promptly arrested by King Matthias and held for a number of years in a comfortable house arrest. Having no real power, Dracula amuses himself during these years by torturing and impaling mice and small birds. Radu becomes Prince of Wallachia with Mehmed’s backing. *

   At Scholomance, Tzigane reveals that she is going to become a vampire. Vlad balks at first but eventually goes along with the ceremony. She is able to use her increased powers to enhance his occult teachings. After leaving Scholomance and traveling to Moldavia, they approach the ancient castle built for Satan’s King on Earth, it is known as Castle Dracula. It is here that Vlad accepts his destiny to be Satan’s Heir and takes the dark kiss from Tzigane so that should he fall in battle or die of disease he will become a vampire.

* New information shows that when Vladislav or Hunyadi returns to Wallachia, Tzigane and Vlad flee, going to the Vale of Flowers and Fog wherein lies the Scholomance (Devil’s School).Tzigane reveals that the valley had been formed upon the Devil’s (Rasalom) arrival on Earth. According to this source, the Devil had originally come to earth on a falling star (meteorite).

Prof. Power adds……   “Rasalom may have borrowed this origin story as well as his identity as the Devil. Inside the valley was a lake wherein lives a dragon, it only appears every once in a while and appears when Vlad stands near the lake. The valley was also inhabited by vampires. There are apparently two types of vampires. The first type are nearly mindless predators caring about little but their own appetites, these are those made into vampires without any previous training. The second type of vampire are those who receive occult training and mental preparations prior to becoming vampires. Once they become a vampire they have vast powers”

  For more theories by my esteemed colleague, Professor Dennis Power on the malevolent creatures known as Vampires click here



Radu dies of syphilis. Dracula demonstrates that he is now loyal to Matthias by converting to Catholicism and marrying the Hungarian princess Ilona Szigali.



  Dracula is appointed one of the captains of an anti-Turkish crusade and uses his tactics of terror to reclaim Wallachia. By November he is again the regions ruler. One of his first actions is to hide a vast treasure in a river and have all laborers and other witnesses to this act impaled.

According to the notes of Prof. Damien Harmon, as edited by Robert Lory, the true reason Vlad was amassing this horde of gold was for a time when this gold would be used as a weapon against the Old Ones. Whether or not this was speaking of a battle alongside or against Rasalom, Prof. Harmon was never able to ascertain. Research conducted as a collaboration between members of MONSTAAH and the Wilmarth Foundation have been unable to find any new clues in this matter.











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