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Man Made Creatures

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Evolutionary Oddities

Science Gone Awry

Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans





Recorded death of Vlad Tepes. This is most likely merely the date upon which the vampire faked his death. Vlad Tepes completes transaction with Rasalom. *

  Rasalom grants Vlad the eternal powers and weaknesses of a vampire. Vlad’s family ring is replaced by another, a gift from Rasalom. This new ring is emblazoned with his new crest, a shield with a D at its very center, proclaiming him Dracula.

Photo courtesy of Frau Rita Hussmann of Reigleberg. Frau Hussman was given the ring temporarily by one of Dracula’s ‘Soul- Clones** in an attempt to make her his bride. The photo was taken in 1940 by Frau Hussman’s husband the late Herr Carl Hussman, during her brief possession of it.

    Adding to this prize,Dracula is given a leather pouch containing a second ring which has a much larger crest but which seems to be fashioned for a feminine hand. The pouch also holds a dozen or so, small metal bolts and a broken scepter boasting a fierce looking wolf’s head as its hilt. The broken wooden rod was either comprised of ash or oak, accounts are uncertain. ***


Found in the scrapbook of a Frankenstein descendent, an old photograph of what our researchers believe to be one of the bolts carved from the star Stone


Photo of Wolfs Head hilt, obtained by agent at the cost of his life.


* For more information on this unspeakable, evil force consult the writings of F. Paul Wilson

** The controversial ‘Soul Clone’ theory will reveal it self in later entries.

   *** According to the studies of Professor Lorrimar van Helsing, the rings, bolts and wolf’s head were all carved from a meteorite that my colleague, Prof. D. Power, refers to as a Star Stone. All of these objects will become powerful tools enabling Dracula to rule his fellow creatures of darkness.

Prof. Power adds the following;    “Keeping the information, from “I AM DRACULA” in mind, it is possible that this Star Stone, was indeed, the meteor, which according to the Gypsy lore taught to Tzigane, was the vehicle which brought the demon Rasalom to our world. Since Rasalom is unexplainable this could also refer to some other malevolent entity whose powers and identity Rasalom subsumed.”

  For a glimpse into Prof. Powers theories, involving meteors see ROCKS AND TREE’S A PROPOSAL



A headless body, identified as Dracula’s, is found in the marshes near the Snagov Monastery. A head, said to be Dracula’s, is taken to Constantinople by Turkish agents and displayed on a pike.

The body is interred in the Monastery but modern archaeologists have never been able to find it.

    It is said that a huge windstorm follows the interment that topples a significant part of the Monastery into Snagov Lake.



Dracula encounters Nimrod-Lothos, who has been the reigning king of the vampires.

   Dracula destroys him and takes his rule.




Transylvania  Dracula begins his plan to rule the world. He creates soul clones by exchanging blood with a human and putting his own psyche and powers into him. *

  Dracula sends a clone to the Mayans and Aztecs in Central America.

  Dracula’s clone creates a tribe of Aztec Vampire women and transforms a British explorer, named Rex Rufus, into a werewolf. Thus begins his reign of terror of Mexico. **

* As he does in the report Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
  ** For more on Rex Rufus
, and his role in a most deadly lineage, see Prof. Power’s article HYDE AND HARE



Mexico  Dracula’s Mexican clone is destroyed by Cristaldi the Magician. *

  His tribe of Vampire Women maintain a telepathic link with their master, Dracula-Prime.

   * From the file El Santo and Blue demon versus Dracula and the Wolfman



Transylvania  Dracula-Prime, finds himself at odds with a Puritan warrior named Solomon Kane


  See file by Roy Thomas, CASTLE OF THE UNDEAD



 Dracula-Prime, forms a brief alliance with a female vengeance demon known as Anyanka


  See Joss Whedons’ file Buffy VS. Dracula



Transylvania  Dracula-Prime again clashes with Solomon Kane

  See file by Roy Thomas, RETRIBUTION IN BLOOD



Mexico  The Vampire Women of Mexico, transform Spanish Nobleman, Baron Brakola, into a vampire to serve as a figurehead, in their Master’s physical absence.



Transylvania    In the early part of the century, Dracula-Prime works with the mysterious alchemist, known as Dr. Praetorious, to create a new kind of soul clone. The result is not only an identical twin of Dracula, but also the hideous vampire known as Orlock.


See Prof. Power’s article BEST FANGS FORWARD



Transylvania   Dracula-Prime, feeling his powers weakening, immerses himself in his secret tomb. Before he does so, he transforms a Hungarian, who sought his aid in a vengeful plot, into a soul clone. Dracula names this clone, Lejos and creates for him the alias of Count Lejos Zeleska

    Lejos is given Dracula’s ring. As Dracula-Prime begins his forty-year sleep his psyche and powers, enter the soul clone.

    Lejos is the first of the soul clones given a name to mock the former king of the vampires, Nimrod-Lothos.

    Lejos not only operates under the name Count Lejos Zeleska, he also creates the identity of Romanian Scholar, Armand Tesla and as him authors several books on the occult in order to draw followers.

Page from the rare tome, The Supernatural and its Manifestations, containing the only known image of Lejos-Dracula.

Individuals who encountered this Soul-Clone have confirmed that this printed image matches the Vampire’s face.



Mexico  El Caballero En Mascarado De Plata (The Silver Masked Horseman) tangles with Baron Brakola.

   The Masked hero slays several of Brakola’s vampire minions, but Baron Brakola escapes.



Austria  Countess Dolingen Graz, summons the UN-dead aristocracy.

The Karnsteins of Styria Princess Vajda Count Iorga Count Von Krolock Saint-Germain of France, Countess Bathory, Villanueva of Spain

Duval from Mexico * and Dracula .    Dracula proposes a Vampire Crusade to subjugate humanity under his standard. He is ignored **
* Possibly Baron Brakola. **From Red Reign By Kim Newman



Llanwely, Wales Birth of Sir Martin Talbot, Lord of Talbot Castle.



Geneva Switzerland Birth of Victor Frankenstein, first son of Baron Alphonse Frankenstein and his wife Caroline Beaufort.



  Dracula-Prime, buys Marya Island in the West Indies, creating another base of operations.



 Birth of Ernest Frankenstein, second son of Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein.



  Birth of Peter Talbot, younger brother of Sir Martin.



Transylvania.    Dracula-Prime summons the Lejos clone back to his castle. Dracula-Prime absorbs the energy from the ring and his true body arises.

   The Lejos-Clone is cached away to slumber with the others of his ilk, till he is needed once more. Shortly after Dracula-Primeawakens, a young Frenchman, spoiled and plump, travels to Transylvania simply asking to become a vampire.

    Dracula-Prime grants his wish, turning the obnoxious youth into a soul clone. As before the clone is assigned a name to humiliate, Nimrod-Lothos, he is named Lestat.


  The Lestat-Clone’s original psyche however is hard for Dracula-Prime to control as it seems to be in a constant, overwhelming desire for fornication, both with females and males. Dracula-Prime becomes weary of this clone and releases it to its own devices. *

   * Reports show that this former soul clone eventually made its way to New Orleans, Louisiana.

   In the 1970’s a romance novelist took the homeless vampire in to her home and in exchange for room and board, the vampire, told the writer exaggerated tales of his wretched life. The writer turned these tales into a series of best selling semi-pornographic novels. The Lestat-Clone, according to our sources was destroyed, in Sunnydale, CA. by the latest incarnation, of the mysterious Order of Slayers, in the year 1999.



Birth of William Frankenstein, third son of Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein.



Geneva.    Baron Victor Frankenstein creates a living man from dead body parts, then rejects it.

   The Creature takes its revenge by killing all the Baron loves.

   Of the Baron’s family only Ernest Frankenstein survives. The Baron tracks his creation across the globe. *

* From the Journals of Robert Walton, as edited by Mary Shelly



Hamburg.   While pursuing the Monster, Victor Frankenstein I has a brief affair with a young woman. He then abandons her, not knowing that she was pregnant. *

  Victor dies soon after finding his creation. The Creation lives. **


   * The date 1799 as given in the Journals of Victor Frankenstein II, as edited by Robert Myers and entitled The Cross of Frankenstein must be incorrect

  ** From the Journals of Robert Walton, as edited by Mary Shelly











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