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Man Made Creatures

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Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans




Prague  Victor Frankenstein’s Monster travels to Prague, hoping to find peace. Instead he finds Dracula-Prime who seeks to make a minion of him.

  This was the first meeting between these two creatures.

   After a monumental battle, Dracula’s plans to have the Monster under his control are thwarted
and the Creature flees from the ways of human kind. *

Dracula-Prime becomes obsessed with the idea of the Monster or one like it, as a intregal pawn in his diabolical schemes. 


Poland   Birth of Count Inre Wolfstein to Countess Wolfenstein and the drifter known as Andreas. **


Hamburg  Victor Saville is born; he is the son of Victor Frankenstein I and the unnamed tavern girl. He is found in Hamburg by Captain Robert Walton and raised in London by the Captains sister Margaret Saville.***


* See file


by Roy Thomas, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Claude St. Aubin, Allen Nunis, and Armando Gil

 **See Prof. Powers HYDE AND HAIR for more on these lycanthrope.


*** See file THE CROSS OF FRANKENSTEIN by Robert J. Myers.




   Victor Frankenstein’s Creation is reported traveling through an Arctic polar opening, possibly leading to the Earth’s core. *

* See Utley and Waldrop’s report BLACK AS THE PIT, FROM POLE TO POLE




Germany.   Ernest Frankenstein leaves Geneva and founds the village of Frankenstein, Germany.

On the hills overlooking this village, Castle Frankenstein is built.



    Birth of William Frankenstein to Baron Ernest Frankenstein * and the daughter of Lothar von Harben.

* Ernest reclaimed the family title



Transylvania  A Chinese wizard named Kah, travels to Castle Dracula to seek Dracula-Prime’s help in reviving The 7 Golden vampires.

   Dracula-Prime turns him into a soul clone, places the Star Stone ring on his finger and sends him to China where he takes his rule over the vampires. See file Legend of the 7 Golden vampires



Spain and France   The masked man known as Zorro battles Dracula-Prime.


  See report by Don McGregor, entitled DRACULA VS. ZORRO and related information concerning this event in the report KISS OF THE VAMPIRE graciously provided by Prof. John Small of the




Romania    Birth of the gypsy woman, Melava Blasko.



Transylvania  Seeking to create a soul clone to rule Africa, Dracula-Prime welcomes Prince Mamuwalde to his castle. Prince Mamuwalde has come seeking aid to end the slave trade.

Dracula-Prime finds Mamuwalde’s will to be too strong for his purposes.

Flying into a rage, he insults Mamuwalde’s wife, kills her and turns Mamuwalde into a vampire, cursing him with the name Blackula and entombing him in Castle Dracula.



London. Victor Saville is told of his Frankenstein Heritage, shortly before he attends Eton.



Victor Frankenstein I’s Monster emerges from the Earth’s core, to the Mountains of Madness, in the Antarctic. *

* See Utley and Waldrop’s report BLACK AS THE PIT, FROM POLE TO POLE



Transylvania.   Dracula-Prime, seeking to create human progeny, Reanimates the Lejos Soul-Clone (Sans ring), and returns once more to hibernation.

    The Lejos Clone searches until he encounters Melava Blasko, the Gypsy.

    She turns out be a mate of superior stock capable, of breeding with the Lord of the undead.


  There is possibility that Melava is connected with the immortal Ayesha, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and the Cult of Isis.   

  The Gypsy tribe which she belonged might have been the Kalderash clan, the Tribe which cursed the notorious vampire Angelus, by restoring his soul.



Virginia, USA    Victor Saville, while seeking to obtain his father’s notebook detailing the secrets of life and death, encounters, and foils the plans of Victor I’s Monstrous Creation.

However in the end, the Monster, escapes with the notebook and Saville’s fiancee’, Felicia dies in this conflict.


See file THE CROSS OF FRANKENSTEIN by Robert J. Myers.



   Birth of Abraham van Helsing, known variously as Herr Doktor van Helsing of the University of Leyden. Professor van Helsing of Trinity College, Oxford University and Baron van Helsing of Bistritz.

New York-    Victor Saville, who for various reasons, was now going under the name Frankenstein, * marries Constance Bundy, daughter of American, C. Silas Bundy.


* from this point on we shall refer to him as Victor II, as does Prof. Mark Brown,in his article HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN



Transylvania.    Birth of Ygor to Dracula-Lejos and Melava.

    Since Ygor was the first product of the mating between a Soul Clone and a human the child was born with the deformity known as a hunchback. Dracula took measures to assure that this would not happen in future couplings.

   Ygor’s malformed appearance does however inspire Dracula to make his first born’s mission, when he becomes an adult, to infiltrate the Frankenstein family, learn their secrets and use this knowledge to one day create an army of monsters akin to Victor Frankenstein I’s Creation.

    Dracula will provide Ygor with a leather pouch of bolts, made from the same Star Stone that is a part of his ring.





Llanwelly, Wales    Birth of Lawrence Milo Talbot to Sir Martin and Elizabeth Talbot.

Lawrence Milo Talbot



    Birth of Abraham van Helsing’s brother, Hendrik van Helsing, author of Hollow Dark Places (Published 1885)



   Birth of Alphonse Victor to Baron William Frankenstein and Madeleine Delacroix.



Llanwelly, England    Upon the death of Sir Martin Talbot, his son Lawrence Milo Talbot is raised by his Uncle Peter Talbot.



Bremen, Germany   Dracula-Prime’s hideous clone Graf Orlock arrives in Bremen to quench his thirst for blood.

   Fortunately he is thwarted by Waldemer Hutter and Prof. Hans Bulwar.


  See report by Frederich W. Murnau entitled NOSFERATU, eine Symphonie des Grauens, and for more information on Graf Orlock, consult Prof. Power’s BEST FANGS FORWARD



   Birth of Victor III to Victor II and Constance Frankenstein.











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