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Man Made Creatures

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Prof. Charles Loridans




    Birth of Victoria Marie to Victor II and Constance Frankenstein.

Constance dies soon after from an epidemic fever.



New York, USA     Felicia born to Victor Frankenstein II and a woman whose identity is not known at this point. *

To protect them, Victor II sends his oldest children, Victor III and Victoria Marie to live at Frankenstein Castle with Baron William Frankenstein and his son Alphonse Victor.

Felicia however will grow up in New York, near her father, under the last name Saville.

There seems to be evidence that Victor II lavished more love and attention on his daughter Felicia than on his elder children. Perhaps that is why he made no mention of her in his journals thus preventing his father’s Creation from ever finding about her existence and making her a target in his continual crusade of vengeance on the Frankenstein family.

That Victor II might have been neglectful of Victor III and Victoria Marie is evidenced by their uncaring actions toward humanity in their adult lives.


    * This information was not mentioned in Victor II’s journals, as edited by Robert J. Myers. It must have been a brief marriage that ended in divorce or death.



  Birth of Countess Marya Zeleska to Dracula-Lejos, and Maleva.

  Dracula’s plans are to one day make Marya, the leader of an army of vampires, second only to him. She is given the second Star Stone ring.
Llanwelly, England   Elizabeth Talbot Dies.



   Abraham van Helsing marries Elizabeth Rutherford Daughter of the 11th Baron Tennington.



Castle Frankenstein, Frankenstein Village

      Alphonse Victor develops a strong dislike for his cousins when he discovers that Victor III and Victoria Marie exhumed his recently expired, beloved hound and dissected her.

Their odd behavior combined with his father, the Baron’s tendency to drink and engage in improper liaisons with the young house maids, prompts young Alphonse Victor to make a trip to New York where he visits Victor Frankenstein II and his daughter Felicia. He decides to live there.

Victor III uses Alphonse Victor’s departure to manipulate the Baron, to adopt him as his son and to bequeath upon him the future title of Baron. He also convinces the Baron to send Victoria Marie to an exclusive boarding school in Vienna.

Apparently Victor III discovered the dark heritage of his family and became obsessed with the secrets of life and death. His sister, Victoria Marie, developed this same passion but she refused to be her brother’s mere helper which annoyed Victor III so he convinces the Baron to send Victoria Marie to an exclusive boarding school in Vienna. Victor III was then free to experiment in the dark.



   Birth of Lawrence van Helsing, to Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing.

Photo of Prof. Lawrence van Helsing’s portrait, courtesy of the van Helsing family.



China  American fortune seeker Thomas Caine, who was traveling through China, encounters the Soul-Clone, Dracula-Kah who sends him to Transylvania to return the Star Stone ring to Dracula-Prime.

   After returning the ring, Caine makes the mistake of asking Dracula-Prime for a favor. *   Dracula-Prime turns Caine into a Soul-Clone, who the Prince of Darkness names Latos.   Dracula-Prime places the ring on the newly named Latos’ finger and sends him to America.

Portrait of Latos-Dracula painted by the late Miliza Talbot.


* What this favor is, the report does not say



Arizona, America    Dracula-Latos using the name and title, Baron Latos Margulak, founds a secret city of Vampires called Purgatory.

     The goal is to create an army of vampires to invade North America from within.



  Birth of Maria van Helsing to Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing.



  Birth of Janos Rukh



Frankenstein Village   Victor Frankenstein III arranges for his foster father Baron William Frankenstein to be killed in a hunting accident. Victor III becomes Baron Frankenstein. With his new wealth he attends the University of Vienna.    Victor III’s attendance at this higher school of learning is ended when he impregnates the Deans daughter. My esteemed colleague Prof. Power shares his research concerning this matter….

    “The Dean of Vienna University was named Yergler. The family had assiduously avoided scandal since the Dean’s ancestor Rudolph Yergler had been sent to a madhouse in 1655, after penning the Chronike von Nath. The Dean’s daughter’s pregnancy was hushed up by her parents who had arranged for her to marry a wealthy Burgermeister named Albrecht Von Junzt, the nephew of famed occultist Frederick Von Junzt.     The child of Victor Frankenstein and Karen Yergler was Franz Von Junzt b. 1858 After his father’s death his mother told him of the various occultists in his family and revealed that he was the son of Victor Frankenstein. Intrigued by this turn of events he began investigating the occult as well. His studies lead him to England where he became a scholar specializing in the translation of documents in the British Museum. During this period he marries Alice Durie, granddaughter of Alexander Durrie, Lord Durrisdeere, Marquis of Ballantrae by her had Hermes Trimegisterious Frankenstein 1880 and Praetorious Frankenstein. b.1881     His studies in Britain lead him to find that an Englishman named Sir Patrick Clarke Wildman, of Fogg Shaw, Derbyshire was apparently trying to duplicate the experiments of the first Victor Frankenstein. Upon investigating this incident he discovers that Henry Frankenstein had visited England. Franz discovers in his translations in the British Museum an old grimoire with a recipe to make a homunculus. Franz takes to calling himself Frankenstein. He is discovered by his wife one night while he is obtaining the necessary fluids to sustain the homunculus shell. She is even more horrified by his explanation and leaves him     Upon arriving at her family’s holdings, she changes her sons names to something more properly British, Peter Durrie and Cameron Sullivan Durrie. They will both eventually learn of their dark heritage and experiment in many scientific and occult matters. *


Although Peter Drury is only seen in Invisible Man’s Revenge, his handiwork reverberates throughout the scientific community of that era.”

    Victor III and his schoolmate Wilhelm Kessman decide to spend the summer at Castle Frankenstein. Victor III creates his first Monster. Many who are close to the young Baron try to interfere with his plans resulting in their deaths at the hands of Victor III or his Creature.    When all the investigations by the local authorities end however, Victor III is found innocent and the Monster appears destroyed. **

* See Agent Sam Newfieid’s file. The Mad Monster and agent Al Adamson’s report Frankenstein Vs Dracula for Cameron Sullivan Durrie’s handiwork.

** See agent Sangsters’ file THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN



New York   Alphonse Victor Frankenstein marries his distant cousin, Felicia Saville, The two of them make their home in New York.




Virginia, USA   Victor Frankenstein II, while trying to rescue slave revolt leader, John Brown, once again crosses paths with his father’s Monster. *

    Victor II’s daughter, Victoria Marie, is mentioned in the journals as living in the USA and working with abolitionist groups. New evidence shows that she was helping runaway slaves directly into her laboratory for fiendish experiments. Eventually, the real abolitionists catch on to her deeds and she flees back to Germany.


   * See Robert Myer’s edited journals of Victor Frankenstein II, titled THE SLAVE OF FRANKENSTEIN



Castle Frankenstein.   Victor Frankenstein III, with the unwilling assistance of Paul Krempe, creates his second Monster.

This time however, Victor III’s crimes are discovered and he is sentenced to the guillotine.

Fortunately for Victor III, and unfortunately for the world, he arranges to escape, leaving someone else to die in his place. Believed to be dead, Victor III is now able to move in the shadows and tamper with life and death as he sees fit. Victor III, makes his new home in Karlsbruck, and begins practice under the name Dr. Stein. *

Alphonse Victor and Felicia Frankenstein, upon hearing of Victor III’s execution return to Castle Frankenstein. Alphonse Victor becomes the new Baron.

    Henry Frankenstein is born to Baron Alphonse Victor and Baroness Felicia Frankenstein.

      Painting of Henry Frankenstein, courtesy of an anonymous member of the Frankenstein family

Transylvania.   Bela Blasco, is born to Dracula-Lejos, and Melava. Dracula’s plans are to make Bela, the leader of a pack of werewolves. When Bela reaches a certain age, he is given the Wolf’s head scepter. The rod is made of ordinary wood, but the head of the wolf is made of a mixture of Silver, melded with bits of the star stone. This scepter, is believed to give one control of lycanthropes, even at their most beast like state. **

* See report THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN by agent Sangster, elements of the file seem to be inconsistent with that of Sangsters’ later report THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN. Sangster when writing the “CURSE” file was using Victor III”s journals some of which was a total fabrication. The truth was revealed to Sangster, when researching the “HORROR” file

* *New clues have surfaced, leading this researcher to wonder if there might be a connection between the Wolfs Head scepter and the Cats’ Head staff wielded by the Puritan Warrior known as Soloman Kane. Any theories or evidence pointing to the truth of this matter would be valuable to our research



Karlsbruck.   Under the name Dr. Stein, Victor Frankenstein III creates a new, very human appearing Creature. When his true identity and horrific project are discovered by the townsfolk of Karlsbruck, Victor III, is killed. Victor III’s assistant transfers the former Barons brain into the Creature’s body and they make their way to London. Victor III sets up practice under the name Dr. Franck.*

  * See file The Revenge of Frankenstein by Terence Fisher.



Transylvania.    Dracula-Prime creates another disappointing soul-clone. This time the victim is an elderly Englishman named Cobblepot, whom Dracula-Prime renames Grimpod. When choosing this subject, the Dark Prince was unaware of his incompetence, and like Lestat before him is released to the world. This soul-clone however continues to believe that he is Dracula-Prime.

  Months after this failure, Dracula-Prime embarks on a new venture.

  Under his Sire’s supervision, Ygor is mated with 8 young Gypsy Maidens of the Kalderash clan.











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