To keep this chronology easy for agents to skim while researching, I have created the following code.

Each year, in the timeline has it’s own table.

Inside each table, appearing at the top, are MONSTAAH icons, denoting the creature types involved and/or related to the events described as taking place in that year’s entry.





Man Made Creatures

Walking Dead

Evolutionary Oddities

Science Gone Awry

Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans





  A daughter is born to each of Ygor’s ‘Brides’



Llanwelly, Wales.    Lawrence Milo Talbot and his friend Albert La Forge Graduate “Summa Cum Laude” from the University of Paris.

  Lawrence Milo Talbot returns to Llanwely and opens a medical practice, but finds many of the villagers put more faith in superstition. One of the causes of the villagers fear is a gypsy named Vorcla, (Dracula-Lejos son, Bela incognito) who plans on founding a town of werewolves by isolating Llanwely from the rest of England by terrorizing the town and nearby environs.

  Talbot exposes Vorcla’s plans and in turn Vorcla curses Talbot with lycanthropy.

  When Talbot and his fiancee’, Ann (also called Lyana) and his friend Albert believe they have killed Vorcla, they reason that the curse is over.

  Lawrence and Ann soon marry. Bela flees Llanwely in haste, leaving the Wolf’s Head scepter behind.


   Information derived mostly from agent Dells THE WOLFMAN file. Not to be confused with agents Siodmak and Dreadstone’s reports of the same title.



Transylvania.   Dracula-Prime awakens to feed and to check on the progress of his various plans. The Lejos Clone is retired and put in storage.

   Dracula-Prime is not at full power still awaiting the return of the Star Stone ring, (Which is in the possession of the Latos Soul clone in the USA) but a weak Dracula is still very powerful by human standards.

   Dracula is also not at full mental capacity, as he is dividing his mind between the Latos-Clone in North America, and the Kah clone in China. Never the less, the Prince of Darkness begins to terrorize Europe in its shadows and dark corners.

Germany.   Victor Frankenstein III returns to Castle Frankenstein though he does not enter or renew relationships with his cousin Baron Alphonse Frankenstein.

   Victor III does however stumble upon the remains of his first Creation in an area near the castle.The Monster is revived but as soon as the villagers become aware of another monster-making Frankenstein in their midst, Victor III’s plans are once again brought to a crashing halt. *

  *See file THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN by Freddie Francis.



Altenburg, Switzerland.   Taking a break from conducting brain transplants Victor III savagely rapes Anna Spengler, the fiancee, of his assistant, Dr. Karl Holtz. *

   New information shows that Anna survived this event and became pregnant with Victor III’s child. To ask for assistance from Victor III is out of the question, so she seeks the aid of Baron Alphonse Frankenstein and his wife Felicia. The Baron and Baroness send Anna to the USA to live with friends of theirs in New York city.

   Anna starts a new life giving her newborn son her own last name. A descendant of Anna’s resides in present day New York city and as of the early 1980s has been a member of a group similar in many ways to MONSTAAH and it’s previous incarnation, the League of Anti-Diabolists but focusing more on the ecto horrors of the spirit world.




USA   To gain recruits Dracula-Latos leaves the town called Purgatory in the hands of his second in command, a vampire named Ethan Jefferson, who came to the USA on the Mayflower.

   Dracula-Latos travels the West using the name and guise of Reverend Serenity Johnson recruiting disciples by appealing to those who are seeking higher spirituality.

   In order to operate in the daylight, Dracula-Latos, is sent a chemical created by Dr. Praetorious which can protect a vampire from the deadly affects of sunlight when applied to the skin. The drawback is that while it permits survival in the daytime world it does not prevent the sun’s rays from draining the powers of a vampire.

    Dracula-Latos, as Rev. Johnson, must rely on his natural gift of Persuasion to attract his disciples.

   The supply of the chemical lasts Latos for three years after that, Dr. Praetorious moves onto other projects and cannot be troubled to make more. The Latos Clone eventually makes his way to Texas, where founds a second community of vampires, in the small town of Chaney.



Switzerland.   Victoria Marie Frankenstein becomes the apprentice of Dr. Praetorious and Ygor, son of Dracula-Lejos. The three spend months attempting to unravel the secrets of Victor Frankenstein I.

    The atrocities committed by this unholy trio are unknown at this time, we do know however that Victoria Marie emerged from this hellish workshop with an artificial brain created by Dr. Praetorious.



  Lawrence van Helsing marries Mary Waldman



Transylvania.   Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing are traveling through Transylvania. Dracula-Prime turns Elizabeth van Helsing into a vampire. Abraham must Slay and behead her thus begins the van Helsing-Dracula war.

   From I was once a gentle Man from the van Helsing papers, translated by Prof. C. Clairmont, and presented in the File marked DRACULA LIVES #3



  Birth of Leyland van Helsing son of Lawrence and Mary van Helsing.

USA   Victoria Marie Frankenstein, and her Cousin Rudolph flee Europe and make their way to Texas and begin to experiment on the locals.

Germany  Birth of Imre Wolfstein son of Inre Wolfstein.

Imre Wolfstein



Llanwelly, Wales   Birth of Sir John Talbot to Lawrence Milo and Anne Talbot.

Sir John Talbot

  Soon after his son’s birth, Lawrence Milo Talbot’s lycanthropy returns. Unlike his namesake Grandson, who will be afflicted with the same curse, Talbot does not try to end his life. To protect his loved ones he hunts Vorcla (Bela) having heard he was still alive.

  When Talbot finds that Vorcla (Bela) was the son of Dracula he hunts the Lord of the Vampires as well.

  Talbot battles Dracula at some point, the details of which are unknown. It is confirmed however that Talbot traveled to the United States to seek a cure from his curse from a tribe of native Americans who were rumored to be Lycanthropes.



Transylvania.   Countess Marya Zeleska seeking to create a soul-clone of her own but lacking the power to do so develops her own method. She summons the abandoned soul-clone Grimpod and selects a human mate for him. The result is a daughter whom Marya names Lilith.

  The Countess rejects Lilith however when she becomes jealous of Grimpod showing fatherly affection to his daughter. (Something Marya never had) Grimpod raises Lilith in one of Dracula-Prime’s lesser castles.



Texas, USA   The Latos Soul-Clone after establishing Chaney, Texas, as his second vampire community travels further South to seek more recruits for his vampire legion.

He finds himself on the receiving end of Billy the Kid’s six guns. *

The ashes and ring of the Latos Soul-Clone are returned to Transylvania.

  Dracula-Prime absorbs the energy that the ring absorbed and prepares for his return to the world in his original body.

   Elsewhere in Texas, not long after these events, Jesse James encounters Maria (Victoria Marie) Frankenstein. Maria falls in love with Jesse and becomes pregnant. Maria transforms Jesse’s cohort Hank into a Monster, but Jesse foils her plans (by shooting Hank). **

Maria flees to Mexico and has her child.

* & ** See reports by William Beaudine, entitled BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA and JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEINS DAUGHTER



Switzerland   Henry Frankenstein attends the University of Vienna.

One of his teachers is Dr. Praetorious (Who through mysterious connections obtained a tenure)

Praetorious, directs young Henrys thoughts to discovering the secrets of life and death.


This same year, The 8 Daughters of Ygor, through sinister and shuddery means are married off to 8 carefully selected yet unsuspecting, gentlemen, through out the world.

The husbands are all men of title and/or letters. Their surnames are Carruthers, Legendre, Chandler, Roxor, Zorka, Vornoff, Werdegast and Benet.

This is as Dracula-Prime planned.



8 Sons are born to the 8 Daughters of Ygor on the same day, same hour, same second.



Castle Frankenstein.    Henry Frankenstein continues the obsession, which seems to be a curse upon his families very name. Much to the unhappiness, of his fiancée Elisabeth, Henry creates his own, Undying Monster. *

   Henry is aided in his experiments by Ygor.**

  Ygor provides Henry Frankenstein with two of the neck bolts, fashioned from the star stone, that are attached to the Monster. The bolts provide the conduit with which the Creature receives its life giving, electricity. ***



  * See agent James Whales report FRANKENSTEIN, THE MAN WHO MADE A MONSTER and Prof. Mark Browns HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN

  ** In Whale’s report the hunchbacked assistant is called Fritz, but in Dreadstone’s follow-up report, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, it is revealed that he was indeed Ygor. The report by Whale, states that Fritz (Ygor) was slain by the monster but this appears to not to be the case as later reports will show.


  *** In the years to come the second purpose of the bolts will be revealed



Castle Frankenstein.    Henry Frankenstein works with Dr. Praetorious to create a bride for The Monster. Frankenstein’s assistant this time is Karl Niemann.*

   During these events, Henry Frankenstein’s Monster takes refuge with an old blind hermit who shows him compassion and teaches him how to speak. The Monster’s first friendship is ended however when a traveler believed to be a temporarily revived Dracula-Latos appears at the doorway of the old hermit’s hovel. Dracula’s attempt to gain control of this monster, fails however.

   The end of these reports show the destruction of The Monster, the Bride, and Dr. Preatorius, and as this was Whales last report on the Frankenstein family, it is probable that he believed this to be true. Soon after these events, Henry and Elisabeth Frankenstein move to England.

   * See the reports by agents, Whale and Dreadstone, both titled THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN



London   Dracula-Prime, now at full strength, sets his new plans of ruling the world in motion.

    He summons real estate solicitor, Jonathan Harker, to Castle Dracula. Dracula purchases Carfax Abby in London as a new base of operations. The Prince of Darkness comes close to achieving his goals but his plans are halted thanks to efforts, by Harker, Mina Murray, Dr. John Seward, Quincy Morris, Lord Goldaming, Prof. Abraham van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes.

  According to these reports, Dracula was destroyed, in his Transylvanian castle, by being impaled by the knives of Jonathon Harker, and Quincy Morris. New information, however, reveals that this action did not destroy Dracula, or even return him to his death like state. Dracula merely turned to mist, then reformed himself, when he believed his foes gone. Mina Murray, felt faint on the road back to Biritz, and van Helsing and Co. realized that the task was not complete. They returned to the castle, and this time used a proper wooden stake.

   That same year, Maria van Helsing, daughter of Abraham van Helsing marries Prof. Armitage H. Porter.

   The birth of Wolf Frankenstein to Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein.

   The birth of Hjalmar Poelzig, future renowned architect and Satanic priest.


See the memoirs, written by many of the parties involved, as edited by Bram Stoker, entitled simply DRACULA and the follow up report by Dr. John Watson MD. edited by Loren Estleman, entitled SHERLOCK HOLMES VS. DRACULA



Transylvania.   The stake is removed from Dracula-Prime’s heart by villagers guided by Dracula’s mind.

   Dracula in a very weak state makes plans to hibernate once more. He instructs his Vampire women to lure a young British gentleman who happened to be traveling through Transylvania. With the beauty of the three women, who are referred to as Dracula’s Brides as bait, Dracula has little difficulty getting the Englishman to ask a boon. (A night of ecstasy, with the Brides) After payment has been tendered

   Dracula turns him into a soul clone and assigns him the name Denrom, once again to mock Nimrod-Lothos.

  The Starstone ring is given to Denrom and Dracula-Prime returns to rest in his secret crypt.

Portrait of Dracula-Denrom by Lawrence van Helsing.

Photo courtesy of the van Helsing family.

   This year also marks the birth of Ludwig Frankenstein to Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein.



   Birth of Jonathan Quincy, and Lucy Harker to Jonathan and Mina Harker.

    See Prof. Power’s article, Best Fangs Forward



Soho, England.   A mysterious file edited by the late Roger Zelazny and which claims to be authored by a Canine named Snuff??? reveals that on October 31, 1894, a strange gathering of extraordinary personalities, occurs.

  According to some occult lore, a full moon on an All Hallows Eve, has a special significance, referred to as a “LONESOME OCTOBER”.

  It seems that at such a time, the barriers between our world and the sinister, outre, Beyond, weaken, and it is possible for the path to be cleared for terrible, chaotic, entities to come forth.

  According to this report, every Lonesome October, two groups converge at a certain location, which seems to vary each time. One Group hopes to open the dark gate, the other seeks to keep it closed.

  This particular event, appears to have been attended by several personages important to this timeline.

1. A werewolf called Larry Talbot. The author even refers to him by name. We at MONSTAAH, believe this to be none other than Lawrence Milo Talbot.

2. A Vampire referred to as The Count. It is our theory, that this is the Denrom Soul-Clone.

3. The Good Doctor and the Experiment Man. All evidence seems to point towards this being Henry Frankenstein and yet another Creature he has brought to life.

4. The man known simply as Jack, is hinted at being the murderous and mysterious “Jack the Ripper”, MONSTAAH researchers my self, included, theorize that he is also the warlike Immortal known as Kane.**

  There are many others in attendance, but as to who they were by the clues provided, is beyond the scope of our organization, and I leave it to my colleagues in the New Wold Newton Meteoritic Society to sort out the rest.***

*See report A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER by Roger Zelazny

**For a fascinating article about Jack the Ripper, please see My colleague from the Wold Newton Institute, Prof. Mike Winkles…


*** Indeed my friend Prof. Loki Carbis has spent years studying this event and its ramifications on the universe.

We hope someday he will share his findings with us.



Transylvania.    Lawrence van Helsing sends Paul Harker, a cousin of Jonathan Harker’s, to Castle Dracula after hearing rumors that the Count was indeed not destroyed. The agent gains employment as Dracula’s librarian.

  Dracula-Denrom discovers the agent’s ruse and turns him into a vampire. Lawrence van Helsing journeys to Transylvania when he receives a letter from Paul.

   Van Helsing discovers that Paul has been turned and mercifully destroys him. Dracula and van Helsing battle until van Helsing turns Dracula-Denrom to ashes by exposing him to sunlight.

   When this report, entitled THE HORROR OF DRACULA was written by agent Sangster. as with his Frankenstein files, he did not have the full story, so he embellished the report, with elements from the memoirs, edited by Bram Stoker. Sangster also mistakenly gave the date of this event as 1885 This was corrected by a member of the van Helsing family



Transylvania.   Lawrence van Helsing battles Baron Meinster, a young nobleman, who was turned into a vampire by Dracula-Denrom.

   See agent Sangsters report entitled THE BRIDES OF DRACULA



London.    Now divorced from her husband, Mina Murray (formerly Harker) joins the League of Extraordinary Gentleman and battles the villains known as Prof. Moriarty and Fu Manchu.

   See file, written by historian Alan Moore, entitled THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.  This group is a completely separate entity from the League of Anti-Diabolists, though both have shared members and information from time to time











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