To keep this chronology easy for agents to skim while researching, I have created the following code.

Each year, in the timeline has it’s own table.

Inside each table, appearing at the top, are MONSTAAH icons, denoting the creature types involved and/or related to the events described as taking place in that year’s entry.





Man Made Creatures

Walking Dead

Evolutionary Oddities

Science Gone Awry

Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans




Llanwelly   Sir John Talbot’s wife dies in childbirth with the child being stillborn.

That same year Sir John’s father, Lawrence Milo Talbot, in werewolf form slays the wife and child of Dr. Anton Zarnak. Zarnak tracks Talbot down and slays him.

At this point we do not know if Talbot was permanently killed or is wandering around even today.



Llanwelly  Birth of John and Lawrence Stewart Talbot, twins to Sir John Talbot and Cleva Creighton Tull (Sir John’s mistress, an actress from California) in Llanwely, Wales.

Painting of John Talbot Jr. found hanging in Talbot castle. As there are no portraits of Lawrence Stewart to be found, one must conclude that Sir John favored one twin over the other.

Lawrence Stewart Talbot



London     Death of Baron Henry Frankenstein. The cause of his death is unknown, but his granddaughter, Elsa Frankenstein, once stated that it was because of his tampering with forces beyond his control. Henry’s widow Elizabeth, remains in London. This year also marks the marriage of Baron Wolf Frankenstein to Elsa Muller



China   Lawrence Van Helsing and his son Leyland team up with eight mighty martial artists, Hsi Ching, his six brothers and sister, Mei Kwei, to fight Dracula’s soul clone, Kah and his minions. *

Soon after these events, Leyland van Helsing marries Mei Kwei.




Europe   Dracula-Denrom revives time and time again to terrorize and feed building up more energy for Dracula-Prime.

* See Sangsters report DRACULA, PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Below are the dates, matching the various reports, by Sangster, chronicling, the exploits of the Denrom, soul clone.





This year also marks the birth of Elsa Frankenstein to Ludwig Frankenstein and a women whose identity is unknown, leading us to believe that she might have died in child birth. Elsa was named after her Uncle Wolfs bride.

See Prof. Mark Brown’s article, THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN for more light on why Ludwig chose this name.






  The events of SCARS OF DRACULA.

  That same year. Lorimar van Helsing, son of Leyland van Helsing and Mei Kwei is born.



England  Dracula-Denrom has final battle with Lawrence Van Helsing. Van Helsing triumphs and the Denrom Soul Clone is reduced to ashes. A servant of Dracula’s secretly bears away the ashes and Dracula’s ring.

  Lawrence Van Helsing soon dies of heart failure. *


New York   The Monster created by Victor Frankenstein I, travels to the U.S.A. from a monastery in Rijeka, Croatia.

  With the assistance of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and Nikola Tesla, the Creature thwarts an evil scheme hatched by Thomas Edison. The Monster at long last destroys the note book of Victor I.**

*See prolog to Agent Sangsters report DRACULA 1972 A.D.

**See report THE MODERN PROMETHEUS by Lovern Kindziersky.



Frankenstein, Germany    Hjalmar Poelzig and his followers retrieve the female monster known as The Bride of Frankenstein from the rubble of the late Henry Frankensteins laboratory, and smuggle it out of the country. *

* Information derived from the file THE DEVIL’S BROOD, by David Jacobs.



Transylvania   Dracula-prime reanimates and enters the Latos soul clone and sends him out under the name Count Lajos Czuczron, to join the Balkan allies against the Turks.

Visaria, Visaria.   Ludwig Frankenstein, having recently obtained his degree in studies of the mind, opens a new practice in the country and village both called Visaria, located somewhere near the border of Switzerland and Bavaria. Ludwig brings his young daughter Elsa with him. She quickly learns to love her new home.



   Birth of Peter Frederick Frankenstein to Baron Wolf and Elsa Frankenstein.

   Birth of Heinrich Wolfstein to Count Imre Wolfstein and Christina Daninsky

Heinrich Wolfstein


   Birth of Helmut Wolfstein to Count Imre Wolfstein and Christina Daninsky



Transylvania  The Latos-Clone returns to Transylvania and encounters a young adventurer named Henry Jones Jr. *

  The two battle and the Latos-Clone is destroyed only to be taken to the secret cache within the bowels of the Castle Dracula where the soul clones are kept when not active.

  Dracula revives the Lejos-Clone, who is given the ring and dispatched to London to take his revenge on the Harkers. Once in London, the Lejos-Clone takes the hapless derelict, named Andreas ** and reactivates his dormant lycanthropy, making him his minion.* Before he sets his plan of revenge into motion, he begins to build up his strength by feeding on the inhabitants of London. He is thwarted and staked by Lady Jane Ainsley and Prof. Walter Sanders. Ainsley and Sanders bury Lejos’ remains in unmarked grave in London.***

* See file MASKS OF EVIL by Jonathan Hensleigh.

  **For more on Andreas see Prof. Powers HYDE AND HAIR

*** Lew Landers file THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE.



Frankenstein, Germany   Baron Wolf Frankenstein, his wife Elsa and their young son Peter Frederick move to their ancestral estate, Castle Frankenstein much to the fear of the villagers.

  The Baron soon makes the acquaintance of his fathers assistant Ygor.*

  Ygor had been hiding Henry Frankenstein’s Monstrosity all these years using him for his devilish purposes. Playing on Wolf’s sympathy Ygor persuades Wolf to bring the creature to its full strength.**

  Wolf is caught in his endeavors by Inspector Krogh, who as a boy, had one of his arms ripped from its socket, by the rampaging Monster. Krogh shows Wolf the error of his ways and the two work together to destroy Ygor and the Monster.

  The Monster is thrown into a pit of lava and Ygor is shot repeatedly but as is proved over and over; you cannot kill the undead. The Baron decides to leave the Frankenstein estate to the villagers in order to make up for the damage he, and his ancestors were responsible for. ***

  Before Wolf and his family take their leave, the Baron constructs a new arm for Inspector Krogh to replace the wooden appendage he lost during this horrid affair. This new arm is a thing of mechanical wonder possessing many devices that Krogh will find useful as a law enforcer.

  * At this point Ygor had been hanged, shot and suffered so many beatings by the villagers, that his indestructible body was more misshapen then ever.

  ** Ygor was planning to deliver the fully charged creature to his dark sire, Dracula.

  *** See file THE SON OF FRANKENSTEIN by Rowland V. Lee



  Baron Wolf Frankenstein and his family move to New York city to be with their American cousins.











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