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Man Made Creatures

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Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans





Visaria    Ygor and Henry Frankenstein’s Monster travel to the laboratory and home of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein, hoping Ludwig will finish the job of recharging the Monster that his older brother, Wolf had begun. Once there Ygor gets a new idea, or dare I say, changes his mind, when he convinces Ludwig’s assistant, Dr. Bohmer, to transfer Ygor’s own diabolical brain and heart into Henry Frankenstein’s Monster. *

   This was accomplished resulting in the death of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein and the destruction of his house and laboratory. The Monster/Ygor seems to have perished with Ludwig in the inferno of the laboratory, later evidence however shows that he fell through the burning floors into the frozen Alpine caverns below. **

   Elsa Frankenstein, Ludwig’s daughter, moves to Vienna after these tragic events. Dr. Bohmer, who during these events, received a severe electric shock, goes quite mad. Bohmer takes the brain and heart that were removed from Henry Frankenstein’s Monster and flees.

* This was obviously not part of Dracula’s master plan, but Ygor’s twisted reasoning must have thought it best.

** See file THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN by Erle C. Kenton.



Vasaria    Satanic Architect, Hjalmer Poelzig, builds the Science Palace in the outskirts of Vasaria.

London   The Lejos-Cloneis revived, by a descendent of R.N. Renfield. He begins his revenge against old foes by seeking out Jon Quincy Harker and his sister Lucy Weston * the children of Jonathan and Mina Harker.

  Jon Quincy, happens to be engaged to Dr. Seward’s daughter Mina, named after his friend and old flame.

  Jon Quincy and Mina Seward were never told of their parent’s horrific tribulations. Dr. Seward is mesmerized by Dracula-Lejos into forgetting his previous encounter with Dracula-Prime. Dracula-Lejos turns Lucy into a full vampire, **

  Prof. Leyland Van Helsing journeys to England to assist Quincy. Together they stake the Prince of Darkness and believe him destroyed. Lucy Weston was last seen wandering, through the London night and her current whereabouts are unknown. ***
   Not long after these events, Countess Marya Zeleska, leaves Castle Dracula and journeys to London to find the corpse of the Lejos-Clone.

  Marya wishes to make London her home. She reduces to ashes the body of her fathers soul clone so that she can exist with out her Dark Sire’s scrutiny.

  Her accompanying minion Sandor, however, was given instructions by Dracula-Prime to return the Lejos corpse to the unmarked grave, where he was buried in 1918 by Prof. Sanders and Lady Jane Ainsley.

  Sandor transforms the ashes back into a corpse and carries out his true master’s wishes. The ring is later returned to Transylvania.

  Soon Marya and Sandor find themselves in a battle with Professor Leyland Van Helsing and Dr. Jeffrey Garth, which is waged from the streets of London all the way back to Castle Dracula. ****

   *Nee Harker, the surviving Harkers refuse at this point to inform the League of the details of Lucy’s husband.

   **See Prof. Power’s article, BEST FANGS FORWARD, for more light on how Lucy was part vampire from birth.

   ***See File DRACULA, THE UNIVERSAL by agent Garret Fort. Like Agent Sangster, Fort added elements from Stoker’s report to fill in the gaps he had no knowledge of.

****See Agent Forts file DRACULA’S DAUGHTER



London     A year after defeating Count Dracula-Lejos and Countess Marya Zaleska, Prof. Leyland van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Jon Quincy Harker and Dr. Jeffrey Garth form the League of Anti-Diabolists.

Prof. Leyland van Helsing and Dr. Jeffrey Garth

   They are soon joined by Prof. Emil Lazlo and Maxwell and Helena Porter Summers.



  Countess Marya Zeleska (Dracula’s daughter) not content to be a pawn in her fathers plans for world domination, sets her own schemes into motion to rule over all human kind.

  She transforms Hungarian Dr. Janos Mikelhov into her groom-slave and enters society as his wife, Wandessa Mikelhov.

  The Countess gathering information through dark and shuddery means learns of the Existence of a werewolf that seems to be suitable for her campaign.

The Lycanthrope is the German-Pole, Count Imre Wolfstein.

Vasaria   Hjalmer Poelzig, welcomes Dracula-Lejos to the Science Palace as his guest, in hopes to make an ally.



   Inspector Krogh with his marvelous gadget arm joins the League of Anti-Diabolists.

Soon after joining he meets falls in love with and marries an American woman named Amy Parish*


*Parish might not be her real surname but for one reason or another the van Helsing family will not reveal who her parents were.



Harrisonville, New Jersey   The Latos-Clone is revived and travels to Harrisonville with plans to form an alliance with a vampire-witch known only as Sarah. The two scheme to make their way to the vampire colony Purgatory in Arizona.

  Dracula-Latos uses the guise of Count Czerny during this mission but is thwarted by detective, Jules de Grandon. De Grandin discovers a file on one of Dracula-Latos’ other alias Count Lajos Czucron, and makes the connection to Czerny.
De Grandin destroys both Dracula-Latos, and the Vampire-Witch Sarah. *

  De Grandin, would not make the connection, of this case to Dracula, till years later, when conferring, with the van Helsings. The corpse of Dracula-Latos was of course secretly sent back to Castle Dracula, it’s mission failed put back into storage.

Germany  Marya Zeleska, and her Husband under the identities Dr. Janos and Wandessa Mikelhov, make plans to visit Castle Wolfstein, but before they arrive, Imre Wolfstein is slain by his own wife with a silver dagger.

  Marya’s plans foiled, she decides to have her spies keep a close watch on Imre’s sons Heinrich and Helmut.

  Matthew van Helsing born to Lorimar van Helsing and ?


*See file THE MAN WHO CASTE NO SHADOW by Seabury Quinn

For a timeline on Jules DeGrandins career provided by Profs. Matthew Baugh and Rick Lai, click HERE




   Young detectives Frank and Joe Hardy encounter a being who might be Dracula or one of his Soul-Clones.


  Reports of this event are sketchy at this time but Prof. Matthew Baugh is researching into this matter, and may provide details at a later date



   Birth of Conrad van Helsing to Lorimar van Helsing and ?



   Birth of Kurt van Helsing to Lorimar van Helsing and ?


  Marya as Wandessa Mikelhov turns Helmut Wolfstein into her Husband-Pawn.

  Although Helmut does not seem to carry the Lycanthrope affliction, she finds his scientific knowledge useful.



  Upon the death of his twin brother * John Talbot Jr, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, returns to Talbot Castle in Llanwely, Wales.

  Talbot purchases the Wolf’s Head Scepter that somehow winds up in a small Llanwelian shop. Having no idea of its purpose he uses it as a novelty cane. Later he is bitten by and slays Bela Blasko. **

  Talbot, to his horror, becomes a werewolf. He finds a friend in Melava the gypsy who seeks to help him, but in the end is apparently slain by his own father who uses the Wolf’s Head Scepter as the instrument of death. John Talbot dies of grief soon after. ***

  During these events, the body of John Talbot Jr. is exhumed, from the Talbot family tomb, by agents of Dracula and transported to Castle Dracula. Dracula-Prime turns John Jr. into a soul clone named Grodimn, and bestows upon him the Star-Stone ring.****



  * Recent evidence shows that John Talbot Jr. was himself a werewolf and was originally killed when shot by hunters mistaking him for an animal. This fact shows that Dracula-prime, might have had an easier time, making a soul-clone out of a creature already tainted with Un-dead blood.

  ** See Curt Siodmak’s file THE WOLF MAN

   *** New information reveals that Bela was by no means, completely destroyed. Bela secretly recovered and left Llanwely, with the Wolfshead sceptre in his grasp.

   **** It must be noted that it has been a closely guarded secret that Lawrence Stewart Talbot, was not the first, nor the last member of this family to be afflicted with the werewolf curse but certain textual references provide clues to the connection between the Talbots and lycanthropy.

  One such example is found in an excerpt from Prof. Summerlee’s twenty volume set Poppycock, Twaddle and Balderdash (Published 1889) Which reads thusly……

  Prof. Dennis Power following up on my research has discovered even darker truths behind these matters.

  Prof. Power using his keen talent for delving into secret and forbidden genealogies has unveiled a family connection between the Talbots, Rex Rufus, the Aztec Werewolf Mummy, Leon Carrida, Anthony Rivers, Wilfred Glendon, Count Inre Wolfstein, Waldamer Daninsky, and Lajos-Dracula’s servant Andreas.

  This revelation, however is only scratching the surface, Prof. Power’s article HYDE AND HARE, PART ONE shows that this bloodline has been producing lycanthropes longer than our researchers could have ever dreamed and brings to light the cause of this terrible affliction.

Prof. Powers article from start to finish is now required reading for all MONSTAAH agents.



Boneport, La.   Dracula-Grodimn, travels to Dark Oaks plantation using the alias Count Alucard. His goal is to create a colony of vampires, hidden in the swamp lands of North Louisiana (Preferring to avoid the annoying reject, soul clone Lestat, further south)

  Dracula-Grodimn’s failure in this endeavor comes from two sources.

   First, the intervention of Dr. Harold Brewster and League of Anti-Diabolists member, Prof. Emil Lazlo. Secondly, his goal is diverted by carnal lust for Katherine Caldwell. She is one of the two lovely daughters of Col. Caldwell, the owner of Dark Oaks plantations. *

  Dracula-Grodimn is destroyed in the swamps by the rising sun. The ash remains and the ring are retrieved by Dracula-Primes minions and returned to castle Dracula.

  Soon after these events, Dr. Harold Brewster, with the help of Prof., Emil Lazlo, found the Boneport, La. Chapter of the League of Anti-Diabolists then headquartered in Dark Oaks, as there were reports, that vampires created by Dracula-Grodimn were still lurking about. (And still are today)


Transylvania.   Later that year Dracula-Prime has his minion, gypsies sell the skeletal remains, of the Latos clone (With ring), to a traveling sideshow run by Professor Lampini. The gypsies assure Lampini that this is the actual skeleton of Count Dracula and that he must never remove the stake which is carefully placed where the heart would be. Lampini takes this story lightly but knows a good attraction when he sees one so he takes the skeleton, coffin, stake and all to feature in his traveling show. Since all is going according to his plans to have the Latos-Clone locate Henry Frankenstein’s Monster.

  Dracula-Prime returns to sleep.


  * See file THE SON OF DRACULA by Curt Siodmak



Llanwely.   Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived when grave looters open his tomb as the full moon arises. Talbot awakens in a London hospital with a horrible realization; he cannot die! Talbot escapes the hospital seeks out and finds Maleva.

  Talbot asks Maleva for one simple thing, to help him end his wretched life. The two of them end up journeying to Visaria, seeking the aid of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein. Instead they end up encountering Ludwig’s daughter Elsa and Henry Frankenstein’s Monster. (with Ygor’s brain). Talbot, as the Wolfman, fights with the Monster until the castle laboratory crumbles around them.

   See agent Siodmak’s report FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN



Visaria.    Dr. Gustav Niemann, the younger brother of the late Henry Frankenstein’s assistant Karl, escapes from prison with aid of a pitiful hunchback named Daniel.

  Dr. Niemann was imprisoned fifteen years prior for conducting blasphemous experiments using some of Henry Frankenstein’s notes as a template.

  The two fugitives encounter Prof. Lampini and his sideshow wagon on the road. Daniel the hunchback at Nieman’s bidding strangles Prof. Lampini. They steal his sideshow and it to Visaria.

  Once in Visaria, Dr. Niemann revives Dracula-Latos and unleashes him on the men who sent Niemann to prison. Dracula-Latos however meets an untimely end due to the sunrise.

  Dr. Niemann continues his quest by traveling to the remains of the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein’s laboratory. In the caverns below he discovers the frozen bodies of Lawrence Stewart Talbot (In Wolfman form) and Henry Frankenstein’s Monster (With Ygor’s brain)

  Niemann revives both, and takes them to his old lab in the outskirts of Visaria. Dr. Niemann’s plans to fully charge the Monster, are spoiled when the hunchback Daniel becomes jealous over a gypsy girl he fancies, love for Talbot.

  Chaos erupts. Talbot is shot with a silver bullet fired by the hand of one who loves him.*

  Dr. Niemann and the Monster seem to meet their fate as they sink into a swamp. **

  Later reports show that the remains of Dracula-Latos were brought back to Transylvania by the Undead Lord’s dark servants.

  Dracula-Prime did not consider this to be a wasted mission as, thanks to Dr. Niemann discussing his plans in earshot of the Latos-Clone, he now had a clue as to the whereabouts of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster. With this knowledge he sets a new plan in motion.

  There have been questions as to how the second World War, seems to have little impact on these small European areas, where these events take place. Supernatural events historian, Donald F. Glut postulates that Hitler, being obsessed with the occult might have found it prudent to avoid places where beings such as Dracula, werewolves and undead monsters trod.

  *A legendary way to kill a werewolf– which has never proven to be true, it does however seem to put the werewolf into a death like state, until the silver is removed.

  **See agent Siodmak’s report HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN not to be confused with Prof. Mark Brown’s article with the same title.



  Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived,*

  He moves to a flat in London, still hoping to find a way to permanently die.

  Dr. Peter Drury contacts Talbot saying he wants to cure him, but really wants samples of Talbot’s blood, to make super soldiers.**


  *At this time, how this happened is unknown

  **Drury would later work with the blood of Frank Griffen, AKA the Invisible Agent. See Agent Jeff Rovin’s report THE RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN.

  ;For more information on Dr. Peter Dury and Frank Griffen see Prof. Power’s The Invisibles:
The Unseen History of Griffin family.

  For more on the Super Soldier Project see Espionage expert Prof. Brad Mengals startling revelations HERE



London   The Lejos Clone is revived when a war time bomb shell disturbs his unmarked grave. Two grave keepers innocently pull the stake out of the resurfaced body.

  Lejos, sans Star-Stone Ring, attacks the family of Lady Jane Ainsley.

  Lady Jane Ainsley

  Ainsley makes the connection between this vampire and the 16th century Romanian scholar, Armand Tesla.*

  Ainsley uses information from Tesla’s (Lejos) own ancient writings to destroy him.**

  The report for some reason leaves out the contribution by Dr. Anton Zarnak*** to this case. Ainsley consulted heavily with Zarnak and he was there in the shadows making sure Ainsley’s crusade against Tesla (Lejos) succeeded.

Rare photo of Dr. Anton Zarnak

  Soon after his destruction the remains of the Lejos Clone are returned to Castle Dracula and the Latos-Clone is revived (With ring).

  Lady Jane Ainsley joins the League of Anti-Diabolists and compares notes with van Helsing and Harker.

  Zarnak declines membership but lets them know that he always stands ready to assist. Other’s like Dr. Zarnak who never officially join but lend their expertise when needed include such luminaries as Dr. Carnaki, Titus Crow, Dr. Henry Vincent , Jules de Grandin, Judge Pursuivant and John Thunstone.


Berlin.   Dr. Bohmer, who was at that time using the alias of Dr. Riesendorf, is interrupted in his continuing experiments with the brain and heart of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster by members of Hitlers SS. The SS. officers confiscate the Monsters heart and send it to a lab in Hiroshima Japan. ***


Visaria   Birth of Waldomer Daninsky to Col. Heinrich Wolfstein and Czinka Tara the Gypsy.

Waldomer Daninsky

  Col. Wolfstein was an SS Officer who turned his back on the Nazi’s during an attempted German invasion of Visaria, all to save the young Gypsy girl, Czinka.

Czinka becomes pregnant by Wolfstein, which angers the Gypsy’s brother Rom.

ROM murders Wolfstein, then slays Two of the triplets born to Czinka

  *Tesla, a semi-anagram of Lejos.

  **See Lew Landers file THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE.

  *** Exactly what became of this bizarre organ after that point is unknown, but an examination of the file Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon may hold the answer.

   **** Zarnaks career was recorded by his biographer Lin Carter among others.

  Prof. Matthew Baugh, The Wold Newton Institutes supreme authority on Occult Detectives has provided a timeline of Zarnaks crusade against Outre’ menaces.

   Click here for the Zarnak Timeline



Visaria.   Lawrence Stewart Talbot, travels once more to Visaria seeking a cure from Dr. Franz Edelmann, Edelmann was a craniologist who moved his practice to Visaria to be near the home of the man who inspired him, the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein.

  Dracula (Latos) also arrives claiming to seek a cure from Vampirism.

  As the events unfold Talbot is seemingly cured and he falls in love with Miliza Morelle, Dr. Edelmann’s beautiful assistant. Dracula-Latos also had taken a fancy to Miss Morelle but his attentions were not reciprocated. This romantic rivalry furthered the Vampire Lord’s hatred for the Talbot family.

  Later Henry Frankenstein’s Monster is revived and Dracula-Latos turns Dr. Edelmann, into a semi-soul clone of a soul clone.*

  The method used by Dracula-Latos, to turn Dr. Edelmann, into a soul-clone was actually done with Edelmann’s unwitting cooperation. Dr. Edelmann’s theory for curing a vampire consisted of transferring his own blood and essence into the patient.

  Dracula-Latos during one of these procedures merely reversed the process. Unknown to Dracula-Latos, he received, in the first transfusions from Dr. Edelmann, a remnant of the Doctors own soul. This would have a profound affect on the Latos-Clone many years later.

  New information exposes Dracula-Latos reason for turning Dr. Edelmann into a soul clone of himself. Knowing that Edelmann’s scientific knowledge would be retained the doctor was merely a pawn of Dracula in the quest to get the Monster of Henry Frankenstein to full strength.

  This plan seems to have failed as Latos, Dr. Edelmann and The Monster seemed to be destroyed.

  However, soon after the events of this report, Dracula-Prime, awakens the Lejos-Clone and sends him to Visaria.

  Lejos locates the remains of Dracula-Latos and transfers the Star-Stone ring to his own finger. The body of Dracula-Latos is shipped back to Castle Dracula.

  Dracula-Lejos takes control of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster.**

  Larry Talbot marries Miliza, and they live happily for 2 months ’till his lycanthropy returns and he kills her.***

  Information obtained by Prof. Baugh and myself reveals that Miliza was not killed although Talbot believed she was. It has been revealed that the wedding of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle was attended by Melava Blasko, one of the few people Talbot considered a true friend. Melava’s heightened senses told her that not only was Talbot not permanently cured, but that Miliza was pregnant.

  Melava planned ahead for the night when she knew Talbot would once again revert to his beast like state and secreted Miliza away to safety. Talbot was lead to believe that he had killed Miliza so that he would not go searching for her.


London   That same year while attending an opera Jon Quincy Harker and his wife, Elizabeth Mina Harker, are savagely attacked by Dracula-Lejos.

  Quincy Harker’s legs are rendered completely useless and his wife, Elizabeth Mina almost dies from blood loss and suffers severe trauma. Quincy Harker travels to New York City for physical therapy. He is helped in his endeavors by Prof. Damien Harmon, who had lost the use of his own legs, in 1938.

  Harmon who had achieved doctorate degrees in ancient literature, medieval philosophy and a masters degree in physics before he reached his mid-twenties (As well as having at the time latent telepathic abilities) was once a special assistant to New York City police commissioner Ralph Weston.

  As a consultant he used his vast knowledge in the then-new science of criminology. What started out as desk job and late night discussions of theories with friends like Richard Wentworth turned into disaster, when Harmon, against Weston’s orders took his ideas to the streets and met his fate when a thug bashed his head and spine with a lead pipe.

  Harmon along with having a metal plate inserted in his skull was left a cripple. Having dealt with his handicap through strenuous exercise building up his upper body strength he became a perfect mentor for Quincy Harker.

  Harker met Harmon, through fellow, League of Anti-Diabolists, member, Dr. Jeffrey Garth, whose younger brother, Atwood Garth, was an old friend of Prof. Harmon. While going through therapy, Harker, Harmon and another wheelchair bound scientist, named Dr. Everette Scott, become good friends.

  After many nights discussing there various fields of expertise, Harker invites both men to join him in the League of Anti-Diabolists. Harmon declines, but Dr. Scott accepts and becomes the newest member.

   *See agent Siodmak’s report HOUSE OF DRACULA

**Which ironically, has the brain of Dracula-Lejos, son Ygor

   ***This is according to agent Jeff Rovin’s report THE RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN.



  Birth of John Lawrence Talbot , son of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle.

John Lawrence “Jack” Talbot

  After being taken to a safe place, Miliza is comforted by Baron Ivor Russoff, a kind man introduced to her by Melava . The two marry and Baron Russoff adopts John Lawrence. A month or so later, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, in Werewolf form is near the home of Baron Russoff.

  The Wolfman catches the scent of his former wife in her bed room, he crashes through her window and mates with her, purely through instinct. (wolves chose one mate for life) whether or not the Wolfman would have killed Miliza is unknown, because as soon as the seed was planted Baron Russoff entered the room with a rifle, firing at the manbeast. The Wolfman leaped out of the window fleeing to the woods beyond.

  When Talbot awoke the next morning human once more, he of course had no memory of the event. Talbot at the time was on the trail of Dracula, who was near by so it is quite possible that the Lord of the Undead himself, manipulated these events.

  18 months after the birth of her older brother, John Lawrence, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russoff is born. She is the daughter of Miliza Russoff and Lawrence Stewart Talbot. At Melava’s suggestion Baron Russoff moves his wife and two adopted children, to the U.S.A. In the States, Russoff changes his last name to Russell. During childhood young John Lawrence becomes attached to the family dog. His young mind is impressed that the breed name (Jack Russell Terrier) is similar to his own and starts calling himself “Jack”.

  Meanwhile Jack’s true father, Lawrence Stewart Talbot travels the globe in pursuit of Dracula.

  Talbot believes that destroying the Vampire King might make up for some of the evil that he himself has done. If he can succeed in this mission, he can then try to fulfill his fondest wish; to die.


New York.  In order to have an army of Monsters, like the Creature he now controls, Dracula-Prime sends Marya’s clone, Lilith to the USA to spy on and influence Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein. To achieve this, Lilith uses the name Elizabeth and begins a romance with young Dr. Frankenstein. The two are soon engaged.



LaMirada, Florida   Lawrence Stewart Talbot, tracks Dracula-Lejos all the way to North America.

  Dracula, is in the company of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster, (Still housing the brain of Dracula’s son Ygor) and is in league with Dr. Sandra Mornay, a descendent of Dr. Moreau.*

  Dracula and Mornay also have possession of Henry Frankenstein’s notebook. Dracula’s plan is to replace Ygor’s brain with that of a bumbling, easily controlled shipping clerk.**

  Dracula and Talbot meet on La Viuda Island just off the coast of LaMirada. Talbot has encountered both the Latos and the Lejos soul clones so he is not fooled by Dracula calling himself Dr. Lejos.

  Talbot, in Wolfman form, foils Dracula’s plan, and the Vampire King, barely escapes. ***

  Talbot with the assistance, of an understanding woman, named Joan Raymond, impales himself with a shard of silver, returning him to his deathlike hibernation and entombs him in the bowels of the ancient castle that stands on La Viuda island.

  Unknown to both of them, the Monster of Henry Frankenstein, also slumbers there. ****


This year also marks the passing of Baroness Elizabeth Frankenstein, widow of the late Baron Henry Frankenstein.


Frankenstein, Germany.  Upon the death of his grandmother, Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein, inherits Frankenstein Castle. Though reluctant at first he eventually succumbs to the curse of his family and decides to create his own Monster. With the assistance of a lovely village girl named Inga and a hunchback named Eye-gor, ***** he succeeds in stitching together and giving life to a Monster of his own. ******

  The end result is that if Dracula-Prime was expecting an army of monsters from this source, he was disappointed. Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein, makes friends with his Creation. The Dr. winds up marrying his assistant Inga, and the Monster winds up marrying Frankenstein’s ex-fiancee, Elizabeth (Lillith).


  *For more on Dr. Moreau please see That Stubborn Beast Flesh Come Creeping Back! The Islands of Dr. Moreau by Prof. Power

   **The theorized reason for the brain exchange is that Ygor’s will proved to be harder to control even with the Star-Stone ring working in concert with the Creature’s neck bolts made from the same stone.

   *** A new mystery has reached the surface concerning this event. The La Viuda Island Incident occurred October 31, 1948. A chart showing the phases of the moon provided by Prof. Loki Carbis clearly shows that there was no Full Moon on that date, yet the reports show that Larry Talbot did indeed transform into a werewolf. Rest assured, this matter is being looked into.

   ****See the strangely titled file ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN and agent Jeff Rovin’s report THE RETURN OF THE WOLF MAN.

   *****As of this report, we do not know the story behind Eye-gor, but information shared with me by Prof. Win Scott Eckert, reveals that this bizarre individual was involved in a secret Eugenics program in the 1960’s.

   ****** See agent Wilder’s report co-written, with C.O.N.T.R.O.L agent Brooks entitled YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.



  Birth of Jaime Summers to James and Anna Summers.

  That same year, Kurt van Helsing marries Anna Abronsius.











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