To keep this chronology easy for agents to skim while researching, I have created the following code.

Each year, in the timeline has it’s own table.

Inside each table, appearing at the top, are MONSTAAH icons, denoting the creature types involved and/or related to the events described as taking place in that year’s entry.





Man Made Creatures

Walking Dead

Evolutionary Oddities

Science Gone Awry

Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans





  Conrad van Helsing marries Ruth Parrish Krogh, one of the lovely daughters of Inspector Krogh and his wife Amy.

  This year marks the birth of Rachel van Helsing, to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.



  Birth of Adam van Helsing to Conrad and Ruth van Helsing.



  Birth of Jessica van Helsing to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.



  Birth of Hank Summers to James and Anna Summers



  Birth of Robert van Helsing to Conrad and Ruth van Helsing.



Mexico.   El Santo (the latest in a long, family tradition of silver masked heroes) thwarts the plans of Dracula’s Mexican Vampire Women.*


  The birth of Vanessa to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.





U.S.A.  The League of Anti-Diabolists makes it’s first attempt at rehabilitating the creatures we observe.

  The League makes a family unit out of Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein’s Monster, his wife Lilith, Lilith’s father Grimpod and an orphan boy named Edmond Glendon who had the curse of Lycanthropy.

  League member Dr. Marilyn Krogh, acted more or less, as a live in social worker, to help them assimilate, and to keep them from the clutches of Dracula-Prime.

  Dr. Krogh is eventually accepted as a loved, member of the family. This project was deemed successful by most standards.



Boneport, LA.  Birth of future MONSTAAH agent Charles “Chuck” Loridans.

Prof. Chuck ‘The Magnificent Bastard’ Loridans

Mexico.   Baron Brakola is destroyed by El Santo the descendent of his old foe El Caballero En Mascarado De Plata ( The Silver Masked Horseman) *

Los Angeles, California.  Antique collectors bring from Castle Dracula several furnishings bought from Zoltan Dracula, a human descendant of the Count’s. Among these items is the coffin of Prince Mamuwalde.

  Mamuwalde, awakens form his sleep and as Blackula, terrorizes, the LA. community.*

  *See William Jose’ Diaz Morale’s file   


  *See William Crane’s report’s




Transylvania.  Agents from the criminal organization known as T.H.R.U.S.H stage an operation in Castle Dracula, they are foiled in their plans by L.O.A.D. agent Forest J. Ackerman, Zoltan Dracula, and two agents from the spy agency known as U.N.C.L.E.

  Our first report of this event came from agent Ackerman himself. Later it was revealed in a file donated from U.N.C.L.E. *

  That the two U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuriakin actually received a communiqué from Dracula-Prime, himself. Dracula had obviously been awoken from his hibernation by the goings on in his castle. It was also learned from the U.N.C.L.E. report that the two agents had stumbled upon Dracula-Primes secret resting place.

  If L.O.A.D. Agent Ackerman had known this at the time he could have learned the location, and destroyed the Dark Prince, perhaps once and for all. Unfortunately Solo and Kuriakin were not aware that Ackerman was an agent of L.O.A.D. so they saw no reason to debrief him.


California.   That same year James and Anna Summers are killed in what is reported as a car accident. However an agent of L.O.A.D with the knowledge that James was a member of the van Helsing family, investigated the corpses and found the unmistakable marks, of a vampires fangs. Their daughter Jaime was in the automobile with them but whatever she witnessed traumatized her to such an extant, that she blanked out most of her memory.

  The amnesia appears to have been selective wiping out, fortunately for her how her parents died, yet it also tragically removed her memories of the existence of her younger brother Hank. (Who thankfully was at the Summers, Ojai, CA. residence with a sitter)

  The van Helsing family, in order to protect the children, decide that keeping them separated might insure their safety, and sent Jaime to live with Jim and Helen Elgin, friends of James and Anna. The location of where Hank Summers was sent is still a secret. Jaime and Hank’s existence were also kept from each other, using drastic measures such as changing the spelling of Jaime’s last from Summers to Sommers. **


  *See David McDaniel’s file, THE VAMPIRE AFFAIR.

  ** James Sherrard has a complete dossier updating Jaime Sommers life after this tragedy.

  As the events surrounding James and Anna Summers death, and the fact that Jaime has a younger sibling, are top secret, and unknown even to her, it is no surprise that Mr. Sherrard’s file does not reflect our information.

Click here to read JAIME’S STORY

at James Sherrard’s




  Death of Kurt and Anna van Helsing. Their remains are found in a plane wreck along with their very frightened daughters by Kurt’s brother Conrad van Helsing. Puncture marks are found on the necks of the two corpses.

  The three van Helsing sisters are for the most part physically unharmed. However, Vanessa is so traumatized by witnessing this event, she is committed to an asylum. Rachel, becomes the ward of Quincy Harker, and Jessica, goes to live with her grandfather Lorimar.

  Conrad, is mislead with false clues that a female vampire with the unlikely name of Vampirella is responsible for his brother’s death and with the help of his oldest son Adam begins a quest to track down the vampiress. *


  One of the League’s investigator’s later uncovered more clues that it was actually vampire minions of Dracula, himself that caused this brutal murder and that it is connected to the 1966 slaying of James and Anna Summers.

  *For more info on Vampirella, read the vast research done by Agent Ackerman as well as THE ORIGIN OF VAMPIRELLA by Lewis, Budd and Jose Gonzales and Professor Small’s KISS OF THE VAMPIRE



  Rachel van Helsing joins her guardian Quincy Harker in his war against Dracula’s minions and becomes an expert with a crossbow.

  In one of her adventures she saves the life of Taj Nital, a native of India. Taj becomes Rachel’s loyal friend and ally fighting always by her side. *


Bulgaria  An expedition headed by Prof. John Margrave, discovers a strange statuette resembling a wolf in a remote Bulgarian mountain cave.

  Margrave takes the sculpture back to his home in California. Research on the object, reveals that it is actually a talisman.

  Legend has it that the talisman allows it’s wielder to transform partly or completely into a wolf at anytime. If the talisman’s owner is already afflicted with the curse of Lycanthrope, he may control or prevent transformation. The talisman is placed in Prof. Margraves study, amongst many other curious artifacts and forgotten. **

  *See R. Thomas, and M. Wolfman’s file THE TOMB OF DRACULA.

  **See agent Frank Belknap Longs file THE NIGHT OF THE WOLF.



London.  The Denrom Soul-Clones’ ashes and the Star-Stone Ring are brought to England by Johnny Alucard, one of Dracula’s minions who has become the leader of a group of rebellious, trouble seeking teens.

  Alucard leads the youths in a ceremony that revives Denrom, who after resurrection begins to feast on the citizens of modern day England.

  One of Alucard’s young disciples happens to be Jessica van Helsing. Jessica’s grandfather and guardian, Prof. Lorimar van Helsing soon catches wind and promptly dispatches Dracula-Denrom. *

  Soon after the Dark Prince’s minions revive Dracula-Denrom once more.

  Dracula-Denrom uses his dark connections and some of the vast gold hidden beneath Castle Dracula to become a Howard Hughes-type property tycoon, using the name DD. Denham. As Denham, Dracula-Denrom, begins a new fiendish plan.


  That same year, Conrad and Adam van Helsing finally have their encounter with Vampirella.

  Vampirella, relates to Adam how it was not her but a minion of Dracula’s called Father Jonas, who was responsible for Kurt and Anna’s death convincing, Adam of her innocence. Conrad, however, does not believe her.

  Adam and Vampirella decide to work together as a team fighting the minions of Dracula and other supernatural menaces. Father Jonas is eventually tracked down and the truth is revealed.

  Conrad is still suspicious of Vampirella until League of Anti-Diabolists agent Ackerman vouches for her.


New York City   Prof. Damien Harmon has been waging a secret war against evil using his vast wealth, knowledge and evolving telepathic abilities.

  To aid him in his endeavors he has used a variety of agents including a former circus strong man to do his foot work. Each agent is lost in the line of duty.

  Harmon uses his connections to free from prison, a former New York city cop, named Cameron Sanchez. Sanchez who was framed, for a crime he did not’t commit, becomes Prof. Harmon’s trusted ally, possessing great strength and a keen mind. **




  *See agent Alan Gibson’s file misleading title DRACULA A.D. 1972. Why this date was given to this file is unknown at this time, but our records definitely show the date of this event as 1970.

  **See Prof. Harmon’s file, as edited by Robert Lory, DRACULA RETURNS



Mexico.   El Santo defeats the plans of Dr. Freda Frankenstein, (The Daughter of Dr. Irving Frankenstein) and her assistant, Dr. Yanco.

  Freda constructed a creature out of different corpses, called Ursus and brings it to life.

  Another of her creations, Truxon, a half-man, half-gorilla, is kept under control by Freda’s hypnotic powers.

  El Santo makes friends with the creature Ursus and together they defeat Freda Frankenstein, Dr. Yanco and Truxon. Ursus sacrifices his life to help El Santo. *

London.   Dracula-Denrom, as D.D. Denham, finds his plot to release a deadly new Bubonic plague virus on the world is halted by Lorimar and Jessica van Helsing.

  The Denrom-Clone, is as far as our reports show, destroyed once and for all. **

  In a follow up report, Lorimar van Helsing, stated that he believed the Denrom Clone must have at some point during his recent resurrection, lost Dracula-Primes’ mental hold, and the plan to kill all life through a plague was an insane way of gradually ending the clones own life through lack of fodder.


  That same year, Rachel van Helsing having breezed through college receives her doctorate in parapsychology.


California   John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Russell aka John Lawrence Talbot, turns 25 and discovers that he has inherited the curse of lycanthropy.

  After his first change, his mother, Milliza reveals the truth, about his real father.

  Seeking to find a cure for himself and for his younger sister Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, whose 25th birthday, is less then a year after his and might suffer from the same curse, ‘Jack’ Russell embarks on a journey filled with horrific adventure.


California.  Unknown to Jack, or any of the tragic, Talbot family, events transpire in a small California village, concerning their affliction.

  Prof. John Margrave is found murdered in his home. The murder weapon left behind is a Wolfshead Cane use as a cudgel. The murderer is revealed to be a Bulgarian, Lycanthrope calling himself Mr. Ruschna.

  Ruschna, was seeking the transformation talisman taken away from his Bulgarian cave, sanctuary by Margrave years before. Ruschna succeeds in slaying friends and colleagues of Margraves while searching for the talisman.***

  It is my theory that the man calling himself Ruschna, was in fact Bela Blasco, son of Dracula-Lajos and Melava the Gypsy, and that the cane was in fact the same scepter, originally bestowed upon Bela by his father, and temporally in the possession of Lawrence Stewart Talbot so many years prior.



  * See Miguel M. Delgados’ file SANTO VS. LA HIJA DE FRANKESTEIN or it’s english translation SANTO VS FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER.

  **See agent Alan Gibson’s report THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA.

  ***See agent Frank Belknap Longs file THE NIGHT OF THE WOLF.



Mexico   Dracula’s Mexican soul clone and his servant Rex Rufus, The Werewolf are resurrected by an evil Hunchback, named Eric. Fortunately, El Santo and his crime fighting partner Blue Demon are on hand to destroy him. Unfortunately, the destruction of another soul clone returns more power to Dracula-Prime. *


  Later that year Frank Drake revives Dracula Prime who is now at full power.

  Drake enlists the aid of Jon Quincy Harker, who founds a new League of Anti-Diabolists, comprised of Drake, Dr. Rachel van Helsing, Taj Nital, detective Hannibal King, and the once solo vampire hunter known only as Blade.

  This core group tracks Dracula-Prime all over the globe thwarting him and his evil plans at every turn **

  ** See file Santo y Blue Demon contra Drácula y el Hombre Lobo

  ** See files marked as THE TOMB OF DRACULA by Harold H. Harold, edited by R. Thomas, and M. Wolfman.

  When reading these reports, keep in mind that Mr. Harold, who chronicled these events, was basically a groupie of van Helsing and co. and as he did with reports of John Lawrence Talbot substituted popular comic book heroes in place of some of the real people involved.



Mexico   El Santo and Blue Demon foil the plot of 93 year old Dr. Irving Frankenstein. (Son of Victoria Marie Frankenstein, and Jesse James) who has been transplanting the brains of women into the skulls of another women and vice versa. The operations fail but instead of disposing of the bodies secretly, Frankenstein reanimates them and sends them out into the street.

Thank God for El Santo and Blue Demon.*


New York City  Prof. Damien Harmon, and Cameron Sanchez are visited, in their headquarters by a mysterious woman named Ktara.

  She entices them to journey to Transylvania and resurrect her master, Dracula-Latos, from his crypt and to use him as a tool in their battle against evil.

  Harmon and Sanchez begin preparations constructing several complex devices, and converting Harmon’s West Hampton mansion, to their needs.


Transylvania   Ktara leads Prof. Harmon and Sanchez to their goal deep in the bowels of Castle Dracula the stake impaled body of the Latos Soul-Clone.

  Harmon before removing the stake cuts a sliver from it and attaches it to a previously constructed device, which is surgically implanted next to the heart of Dracula-Latos. The stake is then removed from the Soul-clone, and he awakens.

  It is explained to the angry vampire that Harmon can use his telepathic abilities to trigger the implanted device to insert the wooden sliver into the Count’s Undead heart at will rendering him lifeless. If Harmon is killed, the device will automatically insert the sliver.

  Dracula-Latos, unwillingly becomes Prof. Harmon’s weapon in missions against Mob activities and supernatural menaces.

  Harmon also develops a form of synthetic blood which the Latos-clone begrudgingly drinks to survive. **

  It is obvious from these reports that the Latos-Clone believes himself to be Dracula-Prime, this is due to two factors.

  First, as Dracula-Prime is at this point walking the Earth engaged in his nefarious schemes and battling the League of Anti-Diabolists he is no longer controlling the Latos-Clone. (As he is so preoccupied, it is possible that he is unaware of the clones revival)

  Second, the woman Ktara, who claims to have been Dracula’s servant for centuries.

  There are still many unanswered questions about this woman. She not only has the ability to transform herself into a cat*** but is an immensely powerful telepath.

  It is possible that she controlled much of the Latos-Clones thoughts, even planting the idea that Dracula, existed long before the historical birth of Vlad Tepes. ****



Europe   John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Talbot battles Dracula-Prime over the possession of an accent tome called the ‘Darkhold’.

To Dracula this book merely means more power, but to John Lawrence it means a possible cure to his curse. *****

  Even after the battle, John Lawrence Talbot does not end his curse. To protect his sister, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, (even though, the curse seems to have skipped her) Talbot uses methods he learned from the Darkhold to place her into suspended animation.



**See Prof. Harmon’s files, as edited by Robert Lory, starting with DRACULA RETURNS

  ***Prof. Power and I have theorized about Ktara, wondering if she might be connected to the ancient Serbian race of Cat People as seen in the notes of Dr. Judd, as edited by Val Lewton.

  In the 1960’s, a member of MONSTAAH was helped in an assignment by a mysterious gentleman known only as, Mr. Seven.

  Our agent reports that he witnessed a black House Cat transformed into an attractive human woman, then back into a cat, and seemed to be assisting Mr. Seven.

  Our operative never got a chance to investigate this further as Mr. Seven and the cat disappeared upon the missions completion.

  Prof. Power feels there may be a link from Mr. Sevens cat, and Ktara.

  **** Research is under way now, into clues that the entity known as Dracula, may indeed have existed before the birth of Vlad Tepes.

  Vlad Tepes himself might be the host of a force dating back to before the time of Atlantis.

  When this theory is fleshed out, it will be added to this timeline and possibly shake the very foundations of MONSTAAH scholarship as we know it.

  ***** See Harold H. Harold’s files TOMB OF DRACULA and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT as edited by M. Wolfman and D. Moench.



USA   League of Anti-Diabolists member, Dr. Everette Scott investigates rumors we received, about a cult engaging in Frankenstein like experiments, in a small town. Dr. Scott took the case because a family member of his was involved. When Dr. Scott returned he never filed a report, refused to discuss the matter and retired from the League soon after. We may never know what transpired there.



New York  After completing numerous missions for Prof. Damien Harmon, the Latos-Clone seems to have under gone a tremendous attitude change. The contributing factor, as Prof. Harmon explained, were the good acts performed by the vampire nurtured the remnants of Dr. Edelmann’s soul that he received in 1945.

  Ktara, dislikes this change in the Latos-Clone, and soon departs. Away from Ktara’s influence Latos comes to the realization the he is but a Clone of Dracula-Prime’s. He then willingly lets Prof. Harmon put him under hypnosis and much is learned.

  The reports Prof. Harmon wrote, derived from this hypnosis session, provide much of the information included in this article, filling in the gaps that were previously unknown, including not only the basis for my Animus Klonos Theorem, but also details relating to the Star-Stone artifacts and Dracula and Melava’s children.

  When Prof. Harmon is completely convinced of the Latos-Clones rehabilitation he removes the implant, and allows the vampire to leave providing him with a large supply and the formula for the synth-blood.

Tibet   After extensive research on the Glendon case, John “Jack” Lawrence Talbot and Waldemar Daninsky join the LaCombe expedition to Tibet.

  Prof. LaCombe’s team were there to track down the Yeti, Talbot and Daninsky were interested in this, but their main objective was to find the famed Moon Flower which could possibly cure their shared malady.

The ill fated expedition winds up with Talbot left for dead, and Daninsky almost losing the woman he loves after a terrific battle with The Countess Wandessa (Marya, the daughter of Dracula) and the fierce beast known as the Yeti. *

Photo of Waldemar Daninsky and John Lawrence Talbot, taken in Tibet, by Sylvia LaCombe, shortly before the moment of Talbot’s alleged death


* see file Night of the Howling Beast AKA Maldición de la bestia




New York City   Dracula-Prime, somehow regains control of the Latos-Clone, and has him slay, then takes the place of elderly actor Loren Belasco (Known for his screen portrayals of Count Dracula). As Belasco the vampire claims several victims ’till he is thwarted by Marshall Sam McCloud.

  McCloud witnesses Belasco plunge into the Hudson river after a swarm of bats fails to protect him.

  Later after he regains control of his own mind the Latos-Clone returns to Prof. Harmon and relates the whole story to him. Harmon’s theory is that Dracula-Prime was outraged when he learned of the Latos-Clone’s independence and caused him to commit evil out of spite.

  The Latos-Clone once more takes his leave of Prof. Harmon and hints that he might return to the secret city of Purgatory. He would teach the citizens of the vampire colony his new way of life, when them off of human blood with Prof. Harmon’s synth-blood and work towards a day when vampires may coexist peacefully with humans. This is the last we hear of the Latos-Clone.



Transylvania   Dracula-Prime and the core members of the League of Anti-Diabolists have a final conflict, near Castle Dracula.

  Quincy Harker stabs Count Dracula with a silver spoke from his wheel chair then follows through with a silver knife and just to make sure the job is completed, detonates explosives hidden in his wheel chair. His act of martyrdom buries them both under tons of stone.

  When the League uncovers the remains they discover that not only is Harker dead but the threat of Dracula, seems to be ended forever.

  Their main goal accomplished the core group go their separate ways. Blade, King and Drake continue their battles through solo efforts. Dr. Rachel van Helsing opens a Psychiatry practice in San francisco hospital and marries a man named Patrick Corrigan. Prof. Damien Harmon takes over as the head of the League of Anti-Diabolists moving the main headquarters to his West Hampton estate in New York.











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