To keep this chronology easy for agents to skim while researching, I have created the following code.

Each year, in the timeline has it’s own table.

Inside each table, appearing at the top, are MONSTAAH icons, denoting the creature types involved and/or related to the events described as taking place in that year’s entry.





Man Made Creatures

Walking Dead

Evolutionary Oddities

Science Gone Awry

Updates to the individual entries are marked by a Yellow interior table.


Prof. Charles Loridans





California   John Lawrence “Jack” Talbot, frees his sister from her suspended animation.

  Once they are sure that she does not share the family curse, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell goes on to live a normal life, eventually getting married to a nice, normal man named Kevin Osbourne. At last report they had a son named Jordan in 1992 and seem to be happy.

John Lawrence
however, seems to sadly accept his fate,and takes up the trade as a claims adjuster,and moves from town to town always keeping one step ahead of our group and other monster hunting organizations. Many members of the League whose path’s have crossed with members of the Talbot family have regretted the fact, that they are dedicated to destroying them, if they carry the curse of lycanthropy.


  Hopes persist that a cure may someday be found.



  Birth of Connor Corrigan to Patrick and Rachel (van Helsing) Corrigan.




 Birth of Katherine Corrigan to Patrick and Rachel (van Helsing) Corrigan.



  After her husband Patrick, and son Connor, are killed in a car wreck (and we have our suspicions as to who orchestrated this tragedy) Dr. Rachel van Helsing-Corrigan, becomes a member of the group known as the Legacy, a group in many way’s like that of the League of Anti-Diabolists.


  A member of the League of Anti-Diabolists observes an episode of the Jerry Springer show which features the alleged, ‘Mother of a werewolf baby’.

  The League sends an agent to investigate and discovers that this woman was briefly married to John Lawrence Talbot and that the infant, named Luke is Talbot’s son.


  The child is removed from his uncaring mother and sent to live with League members Cameron and Jenny Harmon Sanchez, in New York city.



La Mirada Fla   Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived and finds himself fighting Dracula-Lejos and Henry Frankenstein’s Monster once more.

  He seemingly destroys Dracula. Later he convinces his friend, Caroline Cook to impale him with silver once more putting him into his semi death. Cook buries Talbot in the grounds of her castle, hoping one day to find a cure for his condition. *

Soon after these events, the United States government is informed of the LaMirada incident.

  This, combined with the appearances in the Amazon jungle of the Gill-Man in 1997, ** the reemergence of Godzilla in Tokyo, (See Mike Cerasini’s report GODZILLA RETURNS) and general fear of the encroaching millennium provokes certain government officials to take control of the League of Anti-Diabolists.

  Their first action is the removal of Prof. Damien Harmon as the leader and replacing him with Prof. Margaret Walsh, a long time member of several Black Ops organizations.

  Walsh moves the main Headquarters from New York city to Sunnydale CA. (a location where many horrifying, supernatural events seem to occur).

  The organizations name is changed to ‘The Initiative’ and elderly experienced scholars and the ragtag dedicated monster hunting misfits, are replaced with cold unfeeling scientists and youthful, unquestioning soldiers. (Physically enhanced by Walsh, and her scientist, using similar methods to those developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Reinstein and Dr. Peter Drury.)

*See agent Jeff Rovin’s report, RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN)
(There is a follow up report by David Jacobs entitled THE DEVIL’S BROOD, which relates some of the events that took place, soon after, involving Countess Marya Zeleska, and these events will soon be included in the timeline)




The World   After the shattering events of this fateful year, (See reports GODZILLA 2000, by M. Cerasini, NIGHT WORLD by F. Paul Wilson, BURIAL, by Graham Masterton and other file’s dealing with numerous catastrophes that plagued our world), remaining ex-members of the League of Anti-Diabolists, reform and start anew creating M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H.

  We rededicated ourselves to our Herculean task of saving the world from the Monstrous Spawn of Evil.




  Research is being conducted into Donald Glut’s New Frankenstein Files by Professor Win Scott Eckert and myself, and the findings will be added to this timeline at a future date.

  Prof. Eckert however has reported his conclusions in his WOLD NEWTON timeline, and I have ascertained that his theories so far are correct.











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